Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vancouver, eh?

the whole time we were in Canada we couldn't stop saying Vancouver, eh? we thought we were hysterical however, i think we only heard 2 Canadians say it!

anyways.... we went up to Grouse Mountain the next day via the seabus and public bus system. public transit was nice, clean and new. the whole city was nice and clean! also everyone is super eco-friendly. back to the point... we picked the worst day to go up to Grouse Mountain because while it wasn't raining in the city, it was pouring at the mountain! stupidly we left our rain jackets at the hotel because the weather report said it was to clear up in the afternoon. needless to say we now each own 2 raincoats and live in a city where it rarely rains. what-evs! we got a glimpse of the 2 grizzly bears that live in a 5 acre habitat at the top of the mountain. they were huge! sadly it was raining so hard that we didn't take any pictures because we worried that it would damage our camera. we missed out on the lumberjack show, hiking, and taking the chairlift to the windturbine at the tippy top the mountain. it is okay since there was no visibility, we could hardly see 10 feet in front of us!

back down at the bottom we saw 1 of the 3 wolves in their 2 acre refuge. this one is beta.

pretty! i wish we could have heard them howling!

when we got back to the hotel we went to the hot tub to warm up!

of course the next day called for rain but it ended up being gorgeous! grr. just means we will have to go back!

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