Wednesday, November 17, 2010

remix! what i wore 11/16

my friend Carly and i went to the thrift store the other day and i picked this little number up. sexy, huh? reminds me of those crazy Duggar girls. it had these funny little belts and was waaaay to long. but it had pockets! speaking of crazy, check out the rats nest of a hair do i have going on.

a snip here and a little sewing there, viola! a cute skirt! well besides the still rats nesty hair (i think i did something to it...or maybe i went to work like that...dont judge)

shirt: Billabong
belt: Anthro
skirt: thrifted
tights: unknown
shoes: Miz Mooz

what i wore 11/15

i totally wore this to the grocery store. well i was supposed to work but they didnt use my shift. boo. this sweater is my first cashmere sweater. dang they are expensive! when i worked at J.Crew Outlet, i wanted one so badly but waited until they went on sale (cheapo even with discount!) and all they had was XLs. boo again. i bought it anyway. it got pulled it out of storage the other day and put it on and thought, ' well either i got huge or this sweater shrunk.' i am happy to report that i do not need to go on the 'biggest loser'.

pea coat: J. Crew
scarf: who knows, i have had it a looong time
cashmere sweater: J. Crew Outlet
lacy tank: Anthro
pencil leggings: Hue
socks: Target from forever ago
boots: Lucky Brand

Monday, November 15, 2010

what i wore 11/12

i stumbled upon kendi's blog the other day and am super inspired! i don't even know if i have 30 items in my closet but would love to do a remix. maybe for december!
i wore this to Anthro on Friday, so what if i wore this shirt on Tuesday! it is just that good of a piece!

old man cardi- UO
jean leggings- Gap
boots- Lucky Brand

*** i had a super cute oufit on 11/13 but didnt have any time or daylight to take pictures. it involved a faux tutu of sorts and it was a hit at Anthro. it will have to be a redo...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

what i wore 11/11

brrrr! and so winter begins! it is a great time to break out the winter coats!
here is what i wore to Studio Wed today.

sweater- Anthro
shirt- Ann Taylor Loft
jean leggings- Gap (i refuse to call them 'jeggings')
boots- Steve Madden


what i wore 11/9

i wore this to my new job at Studio Wed! working with all creatives is really fun and i get to dress for that role! i met almost all of the vendors and everyone is so stinkin' nice. i am so excited for this opportunity! on another note...this was quite possibly the last day of fall, snow flakes fell later this afternoon!

sweater- Anthropologie
shirt- Anthro
pants- Gap (from forever ago)
shoes- dansko clogs

what i wore 11/8

so i didn't wear this to work because i didn't get called in but it is cute and i thought i would post it anyway.

mustard yellow shirt- H&M (i wish we would get one in CO!)
lace tank- Anthropologie
jeans- Gap
shoes- Toms

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what i wore 11/3

i want to try to chronicle my outfits that i wear to anthropologie. working there is pushing me to really think about what i wear and how i wear it. since i dont do accessories (besides my wedding rings), i am trying to play with different patterns and textures. since we dont have room in our budget to buy tons of new clothes for me, i am thinking of hitting up the local thrift stores for some new (to me) duds.

sweater- jcrew
skirt- made by moi
boots- steve madden
braided belt- anthro