Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh, Canada!

this past weekend was our first anniversary! we celebrated in Vancouver, BC with lots of sightseeing and lots of yummy eats! unfortunately some of our pictures didn't come out (i think our dslr auto dial got turned to manual in my bag), but here are some of the shots that come out okay. the weather was kinda of gloomy and rainy but that didn't stop us from having a great time!

we took a Zodiac boat tour and raced all over the harbor and checkout some of the islands nearby. we also played on the wake of the gigantic BC Ferries! the boat zoomed super close to the empty cargo ships anchored in the harbor, those suckers are huge! we also had to wear dry suits, like a onsie ski suit! i am glad we didn't need to use them!

john looking flashy in his dry suit!

yea-ya! they also had geeky googles for us to wear, which we didn't wear. the suits were enough!

harbour seals sunning themselves! we also saw a quick glimpse of some porpoise, 2 bald eagles lots and lots of seals!

Vancouver has amazing food and a huge street food scene but this takes the cake! it is called Japadog and it is amazing! sausages, hotdogs, kobe beef with an array of toppings. john's had nori and some amazing sauce, mine had red onions, sourkraut and plum sauce...ooh, i also added wasabi mayo. yum!

we got the Japadogs after out Zodiac boat tour- i look a little wind blown!

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