Wednesday, November 17, 2010

remix! what i wore 11/16

my friend Carly and i went to the thrift store the other day and i picked this little number up. sexy, huh? reminds me of those crazy Duggar girls. it had these funny little belts and was waaaay to long. but it had pockets! speaking of crazy, check out the rats nest of a hair do i have going on.

a snip here and a little sewing there, viola! a cute skirt! well besides the still rats nesty hair (i think i did something to it...or maybe i went to work like that...dont judge)

shirt: Billabong
belt: Anthro
skirt: thrifted
tights: unknown
shoes: Miz Mooz

what i wore 11/15

i totally wore this to the grocery store. well i was supposed to work but they didnt use my shift. boo. this sweater is my first cashmere sweater. dang they are expensive! when i worked at J.Crew Outlet, i wanted one so badly but waited until they went on sale (cheapo even with discount!) and all they had was XLs. boo again. i bought it anyway. it got pulled it out of storage the other day and put it on and thought, ' well either i got huge or this sweater shrunk.' i am happy to report that i do not need to go on the 'biggest loser'.

pea coat: J. Crew
scarf: who knows, i have had it a looong time
cashmere sweater: J. Crew Outlet
lacy tank: Anthro
pencil leggings: Hue
socks: Target from forever ago
boots: Lucky Brand

Monday, November 15, 2010

what i wore 11/12

i stumbled upon kendi's blog the other day and am super inspired! i don't even know if i have 30 items in my closet but would love to do a remix. maybe for december!
i wore this to Anthro on Friday, so what if i wore this shirt on Tuesday! it is just that good of a piece!

old man cardi- UO
jean leggings- Gap
boots- Lucky Brand

*** i had a super cute oufit on 11/13 but didnt have any time or daylight to take pictures. it involved a faux tutu of sorts and it was a hit at Anthro. it will have to be a redo...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

what i wore 11/11

brrrr! and so winter begins! it is a great time to break out the winter coats!
here is what i wore to Studio Wed today.

sweater- Anthro
shirt- Ann Taylor Loft
jean leggings- Gap (i refuse to call them 'jeggings')
boots- Steve Madden


what i wore 11/9

i wore this to my new job at Studio Wed! working with all creatives is really fun and i get to dress for that role! i met almost all of the vendors and everyone is so stinkin' nice. i am so excited for this opportunity! on another note...this was quite possibly the last day of fall, snow flakes fell later this afternoon!

sweater- Anthropologie
shirt- Anthro
pants- Gap (from forever ago)
shoes- dansko clogs

what i wore 11/8

so i didn't wear this to work because i didn't get called in but it is cute and i thought i would post it anyway.

mustard yellow shirt- H&M (i wish we would get one in CO!)
lace tank- Anthropologie
jeans- Gap
shoes- Toms

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what i wore 11/3

i want to try to chronicle my outfits that i wear to anthropologie. working there is pushing me to really think about what i wear and how i wear it. since i dont do accessories (besides my wedding rings), i am trying to play with different patterns and textures. since we dont have room in our budget to buy tons of new clothes for me, i am thinking of hitting up the local thrift stores for some new (to me) duds.

sweater- jcrew
skirt- made by moi
boots- steve madden
braided belt- anthro

Thursday, October 28, 2010

break out the coats!

it is starting to get chilly! break out the fall and winter coats! i hear a pair of brown boots calling my name! i just have to sew some missing button on my dressier winter coats and i will be good for the winter! totally digging a messy bun these days when my unbelievably long hair gets in the way. (it is the longest it has been... EVER!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

fall faves!

i love fall, however, Colorado only has a short fall season before the snow starts!

Here are a few of my favorite things:

pretty fall leaves

photos by moi

cozy sweaters

pretty scarves

and plenty of warm drinks!

it has already started snowing in the mountains! the ski areas are starting to open! here's to fall, while it lasts!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

oh anthro!

had my second interview with anthropolgie this morning and this is what i wore:
billabong chambray shirt, gap blue khakis, vintage belt, miz mooz wedges.

good thing cause i got the job!


how cute is this fabric?! quick, simple envelope pillow cover. love love love!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vancouver, eh?

the whole time we were in Canada we couldn't stop saying Vancouver, eh? we thought we were hysterical however, i think we only heard 2 Canadians say it!

anyways.... we went up to Grouse Mountain the next day via the seabus and public bus system. public transit was nice, clean and new. the whole city was nice and clean! also everyone is super eco-friendly. back to the point... we picked the worst day to go up to Grouse Mountain because while it wasn't raining in the city, it was pouring at the mountain! stupidly we left our rain jackets at the hotel because the weather report said it was to clear up in the afternoon. needless to say we now each own 2 raincoats and live in a city where it rarely rains. what-evs! we got a glimpse of the 2 grizzly bears that live in a 5 acre habitat at the top of the mountain. they were huge! sadly it was raining so hard that we didn't take any pictures because we worried that it would damage our camera. we missed out on the lumberjack show, hiking, and taking the chairlift to the windturbine at the tippy top the mountain. it is okay since there was no visibility, we could hardly see 10 feet in front of us!

back down at the bottom we saw 1 of the 3 wolves in their 2 acre refuge. this one is beta.

pretty! i wish we could have heard them howling!

when we got back to the hotel we went to the hot tub to warm up!

of course the next day called for rain but it ended up being gorgeous! grr. just means we will have to go back!

oh, Canada!

this past weekend was our first anniversary! we celebrated in Vancouver, BC with lots of sightseeing and lots of yummy eats! unfortunately some of our pictures didn't come out (i think our dslr auto dial got turned to manual in my bag), but here are some of the shots that come out okay. the weather was kinda of gloomy and rainy but that didn't stop us from having a great time!

we took a Zodiac boat tour and raced all over the harbor and checkout some of the islands nearby. we also played on the wake of the gigantic BC Ferries! the boat zoomed super close to the empty cargo ships anchored in the harbor, those suckers are huge! we also had to wear dry suits, like a onsie ski suit! i am glad we didn't need to use them!

john looking flashy in his dry suit!

yea-ya! they also had geeky googles for us to wear, which we didn't wear. the suits were enough!

harbour seals sunning themselves! we also saw a quick glimpse of some porpoise, 2 bald eagles lots and lots of seals!

Vancouver has amazing food and a huge street food scene but this takes the cake! it is called Japadog and it is amazing! sausages, hotdogs, kobe beef with an array of toppings. john's had nori and some amazing sauce, mine had red onions, sourkraut and plum sauce...ooh, i also added wasabi mayo. yum!

we got the Japadogs after out Zodiac boat tour- i look a little wind blown!

check, check!

new gingham shirt! gifted fabric from momma (seriously came home with half a suitcase of fabric when i went to see them in NC!), super easy, too bad fall is here! maybe i can layer... anywhoos... it has a schnazzy rolled collar, next time i will just make the front roll. so many projects! i discovered the Denver Fabric brick and mortar store, think 25,000 sq ft of fabric bolts at seriously awesome prices. with that said, i have a bunch of fall projects i need to get to!

Friday, September 17, 2010

yeah for babies!

my friends billy and meghan are expecting a baby boy in November! i wanted to make a quilt for their first babe. i am super excited how it came out. a fun, easy and cute project! i used Lizzy House's Castle Peeps and made my first wonky log cabin blocks for the corners. i am sending it off just in time for megs baby shower on Oct 3.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red Rocks!

yeah for jumping shots!

aw, barf.

after seeing vampire weekend at Red Rocks last friday, john and i decided to go back and check out the hiking at Red Rocks. it was so beautiful, lots of desert plants, wild flowers and the huge red rocks of course! we did the 1.5 mi hike but there is also a 6 mile hike. we will definitely be going back to explore some more!

Monday, September 6, 2010

South West!

the fabric for the front of this tunic shirt is from Alexander Henry (one of my faves!) called arrow and Kona cottons for the yoke and back. i used new look 6775 pattern. it was super easy and only took a couple of hours. everyone thought i was nutty when they saw the print, i loved it from the get go and loved how this tunic turned out! *i am also wearing jean leggings from the Gap, loves!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

what's cookin' good lookin'?

here is carly's first adventure in sewing! we created a super cute forks and spoons apron so she can cook yummy meals for her boyfriend! she did all the sewing and i just helped along the way! good job carly!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i worked on this top tonight, super easy working with jersey. i just think the cut of this shirt isn't right for me. i think it photographs okay but the fit is awful! it kind of looks like a chopped sweatshirt from the 80's...i suppose everything old is new again. i used jersey fabric and think maybe with a different type it will be better.
i have a whole new load of fabric to work with (thanks momma!) so i will be working on some new things soon!